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I have come to understand the potential bias and political incentives behind much of the haplogroup and genetic arguing that goes on in these types of forums. This of course happens very commonly between Balkan nations like Serbia and Albania for obvious political reasons.

However, I don't understand what is going on here with Albanians having distrust between their haplogroups?

Can someone explain why Hawk thinks other Albanians would be biased and trying to over inflate non E-V13 haplogroups?

What would the incentive be? Or am I misunderstanding the argument entirely?
He made his reasons pretty clear, actually. Even if they are unfounded.

He assumes project percentages are being manipulated since most peer review studies list E-V13 in Albanians at "35+%". Completely neglecting things like sampling bias, sampling size, where samples are collected etc. Even with this conspiracy, E-V13 is still the number one percentage-wise in both projects.

The most asinine reason He doesn't trust either Albanian DNA project, in his own words; "There is no high level E-V13 admin". Whether that's because he assumes there need be a high level shot caller since "most Albanians are E-V13", or because he is one of these people obsessed with their own haplogroup that he thinks people are so infantile to be able to comprehend facts because they don't share his haplogroup. Somehow there's a big conspiracy since most project admins are J2b or R1b.

He claims there should be a committee of these main 3, yet can care less whether other Albanians and their haplogroups get representation.

Personally, I don't think it matters what an admins haplogroup is. All they need be is honest, transparent and competent in what they're doing.