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Thread: Are you wasting your life?

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    Well I think it`s important to be aware of all the things in life you could do, then choose what you want to do (not to be confused with what you HAVE to do eg work!) If you choose to do those things that give you personal satisfaction and are happy with your choices then you`re not wasting your life. Or perhaps that`s too simplistic a view !

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    Time is a bird forever on the wing.we can not waste any time.

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    Who doesn't? The more we think, more we realize we are wasting our life!

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    What does wasting your life actually mean? We humans are nothing but subspace of the universe. Our life actually means very little on a universal scale. Our essential biological task is to survive and pro-create as a species. In the end, that is also insignificant. Species go extinct all the time, not to mention that our planet will die out, our sun will run out of hydrogen, our galaxy will collide with another galaxy. Finally, this entire universe will not survive.

    So don't bother too much. I would say that if you do things which make you unhappy, that's wasting your life. If doing nothing makes you happy, you are not wasting your life. If you are happy building a career, than by all means, do it. If not, than you surely are wasting your life doing it. You would be better off spending more time doing something else. Don't pay too much attention to the expectations of society. Society is like fashion. It constantly changes.

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    Richard Harris
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    It is simple matter of fact is take a appropriate decision on correct time and think before taking decision and not after taking decision. The time is precious.

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    Quote Originally Posted by edao View Post
    A University of California, San Diego psychiatry study of more than one million adults found that people who live the longest self-report sleeping for six to seven hours each night. Other studies show that sleeping more than 7 to 8 hours per day has been consistently associated with increased mortality. source

    I always thought getting less that 8 hours sleep was bad for you, but it seems it's actually good for you.

    Heres another thought, say you sleep 8 hours and you change to 6 you gain 2 hours a day.

    2 hours x 360 days a year = 720 hours gained

    720 hours divided by 24 hours to get days = 30 days gained per year

    You have just created your 13 month year

    after 12 years of 6 hour sleeping you have gained a year. in reality this is more because while a day is 24 hours we are usually only awake for 16 of those hours.

    720 divided by 16 = 45 days per year
    The uppertendom doing the hardest to frighten/lifebend untermenschen to work longer hours. Lest we forget sick and wounded folk are willfully put into a sleep to either hold onto life or lengthen it, and bodybuilders take GHB to also go into a 'deep sleep' which helps in getting bigger muscles somehow.

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    I feel like I'm wasting myself too.

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    i sleep on average 7 hours a night

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