Dienekes generated a new major data dump of ADMIXTURE results. In comparison to previous such experiments:

  1. The focus is entirely on West Eurasians (Caucasoids).
  2. He has excluded all potential relatives from the source datasets, as well as several populations that tend to create uninformative clusters of their own (e.g., Druze or Ashkenazi Jews); exceptions are populations of great anthropological interest (e.g., Basques).
  3. He has included all relevant Dodecad Ancestry Project populations with 5+ participants.
  4. He has developed a new way of "framing" the region of interest by choosing appropriate sets of individuals from outside of it.
I post here an interesting table of African ancestry (North Africa, East African and West African) in all populations included. Only a few European populations : Portuguese (about 10%), Spanish, South Italians etc get numbers > 1%. All others are below 0.5%: