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Thread: 'Balconing', drugs and alcohol to defy gravity

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    'Balconing', drugs and alcohol to defy gravity

    A young Englishman has suffered several bruises after falling from a hotel as reported by the emergency services, who has said that the wounded man was taken to hospital. The young man is British, and is in the emergency ward of traumatology. According to sources have said the hospital, the boy is stable, progressing well and will remain under observation for several hours until you are discharged. Suffering bruises are not serious and therefore will not need your income, have pointed to the same sources.
    This is another victim of a bad habit you have some young Englishmen who stay in Ibiza and Mallorca and excited by the fun is to launch the pool from their hotel rooms or reach the next room, climbing up the facade. The practice is known as 'balconing'. This has resulted so far this summer several injuries and even deaths as a result of heavy falls that occur after falling to the ground. The as ethyl and "balconing"two of the causes of death among young english tourists.

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    Uhm, Carlitos... what is going on with you and your obsession with the British?

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