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Thread: Horns of ancient Aurochs (Tauras) found in Lithuania

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    Horns of ancient Aurochs (Tauras) found in Lithuania

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    One more pair of horns of the ancient Aurochs (Tauras) were found in Lithuania. The Aurochs got extinct in XIV century in this country, but its name lives in some town and village names: Tauragė, Tauragnai, Taurai, Taurakiemis, Tauralaukis, Taurapilis. A goblet is also called "Taurė" taking its name from Aurochs horn.

    Any other names/stories from your countries relating to Aurochs, Tauras, Tarvas, Taurs, Taurus, Tur, Oeras, Uroxe, Ur, Oerokse, Bour, etc ... By any standards the animals must have been very important - it is the ancestor of all domestic cattle in Europe!

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    In Dutch Oeros Oer-Os In which "Oer" means something like "Original" in Dutch "oorspronkelijk"
    And "Os" stands for "ox or a bovine animal"

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