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Thread: Do you believe in a God(s)?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    Nothing prevents anyone from taking all the elements of truth and wisdom they find in various religions, and throw away the rest, god(s) included.
    Gods have many faces, face of father, face of a hero, face of a wise, face of honest,
    Gods also have something to tell us, a wise word, a wise action, a wise choice,
    we create Gods demands just to be connected with us and remember them and their stories,

    later a cast was created, who lived by that,
    sometimes they become so strong so to rule upon humans, instead of serving humans,
    many times that cast change even change the words of Gods just to earn,
    many times humans were killed cause say the truth against a cleric lie,
    the problem of religion is not the gods, but the ones who serve the gods,

    the science with or without god is science,
    no matter how many gods you change, no matter religion 1+1=2 always, (plz keep out with mathematical tricks)
    religions have to do with human soul and psychology, not what is DNA, not what is black hole,
    it is not the religion for it is an extract of a certain age, or for simple mind people,
    IT IS THE DOGMA OF THE CLERICS not the dogma of religion
    the burn of books, and scientists are diabolic, was made by clerics who lose customers, and not by gods,
    the slain of Greek philosophers, the witch hunt, the trials etc were made by humans, not by gods,


    example in christianity the the god who create human from water and mud,
    or Biology and chemistry
    is not THE problem,
    that was a stupidity of some dogmatic clerics and christian who only read bible and they finished their search for knowledge,

    there are many answers, that religious could give
    Biology and chemistry follows the laws of god, Moses wrote it simple, cause either he need tones of papper, or the humanity was not ready for a reveal of biology, or wasn't usefull for religion,
    but Dogmatic humans, blind people who show their customers, the faithful not to obey them started a war,
    the amplifies of sheep drove cleric to act different that their gods ask,
    not the gods who burn books, the humans, (in fact the ones who are considered clean, best, and faithful, and have the peace of gods!!!!!)

    the rejection of gods could help us, but then we must find other to serve our needs and demands,
    then a simple story for simple people, that could help them, becomes books of psychology, social science, etc
    if Fleming lived in ancient Greece surely his statues will decorate many hospitals and he will be in road to mt Olymp to become god

    so imagine a god like Fleming or Pasteur and his words to heard in churches,
    how good in public hygiene and pharmaceuticals could be,

    just imagine instead of hearing stories of david to listen a doctor once per month or 2 in a church to talk about public hygiene, how helpful the religion could be, and Luis Pasteur earn a seat in Olymp or on the way to Olymp,

    Ancients have many gods but no saint,
    today we have 1 god but thousands of saints

    in fact if we could gather the pieces of truth, and follow them, we could be better humans,
    but then comes the cleric and put you in dogmas and limits you so to obey him,

    so the throw away you say at least me is a must,

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    Quote Originally Posted by iapetoc View Post
    Every religion has a point of truth, and a Humanistic Idea of rules and Peace.
    But when clerics enter religion, then we have a corporation, the 'CHURCH' unlimited corporation
    in dark ages that corporation served the rich and the strong, (at least the heads of the church)
    so any new idea or any new model that could change the rulers class should be punished,

    that is why I separate believing in God from believing in ideology spread by some particular institutionalized religion...

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    Well, looking at the poll we are a bunch of heathens. Good for us :)

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    Quote Originally Posted by edao View Post

    It would be interesting to see how many people believe in a god but perhaps don't follow a formal religion.
    No, I don't believe in god(s).

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    Yes. If there exists an Evolution in the Universe, that means that we include the genetic memory of our ancestors, including animals and simple life forms("god"; Source)... We are a product of many faces before us; countless living cycles (incarnations); these cycles weren't always equal as are not equal the Era of Brahma to the Era of Human race or Human itself. Their characters survived in our nature (DNA). It means that god or gods are a consequence of living&pre-living(geological, chemical) cycles(appearances) in the entire Universe, which goes to the first Source (created Brahma, who was created by Vishnu); Brahma means "Universe" or Jivaloka (Živa loka; "living place, place of life; living paradise (teaming with life)... This is where the "Zodiac" comes from; Zoo; Živ; "living", place of "animals"...
    I have had a dream about the Multiverse once as a child...
    This is the Universe; Jivaloka from "above"...

    How much important are you to this Complete being? Imagine a cell in your own body. This cell is your entire universe according to your neutrino, which is part of the "planetary system" of the Atom in your cell... the cellular structures are galaxies... Beyond them is another cell and cells are building tissues and tissues are building organs and organs are building organ systems and organ systems are making the highest structure in your Local Universe... This is the "point" of "Gods" in our Local Universe (Solar system, Galaxy (Milky way)... There exist higher worlds; and these structures are building higher structure which is also "alive" and on some other lever of existence(intellect). Do you really think that some God (highest structure of this entire visible Universe (cell) really cares about some religious fundamentalist who is constantly reading the Bible, Quran or Torah? All those books are a human invention, just like the time (perception of time and space; biologically).

    The most closest to this perception of time and space were Vedas... Imagine those people who were calculating the Vedic micro and macro time of Brama (Universe)... Who were they? Why did they need such small units of time? Do you really think they were some "farmers from the Iron age, descendants of "Shem, Ham, Noah, Abraham" From where did they know that 1 krati krati or krati is equal to 34,000th of second or Paramanu (="para; man"; this is the concept Ajiva ("not alive"; note that whole Universe is "Jiva" ("alive") ; ajiva is the smallest particle of the Akasha (space), Pudgala(matter), Adharma("not holding"; Living things or jiva would continuously move... this includes the sub particles; which plays an important part in our life and stages of death)...

    311x10^12 years of HuMan (= Vedic Manu (=Slavic Človek or ČeloVek = "forhead + Era (yuga = vek = Vijek = Vyuka in transliteration; "Era"; because Slavic god Svetovid = Vedic Shiva (the story about Mangalaloka (Mars) is identical to the story about Cosmological Slovenian stories about Svetovid) is entire time of Brahma (=Universe)...

    Largest measure of time: Kalpa 4.32 billion years
    Smallest measure of time: Paramanu 60,750th of a second
    Other measure of time: Krati 34,000th of second
    Truti 300th of a second
    Nimesa 16/75th of a second
    Vipal. 2/5th of a second
    Ksan 1 second
    Pal 24 seconds
    Minute 60 seconds
    Ghadi 24 minutes
    Hora Hour (60 minutes)
    Divasa Day (24 hours)
    Saptaha 7 days (week)
    Masa four weeks (month)
    Varsa twelve Months (Year)
    Satabda One hundred Years (Century)
    Sahasrabda One thousand Years (Millennium)
    Deva yuga 12,000 years
    Chaturyuga Sata+Treta+ Dwapara+Kaliyuga
    Chaturyuga/Mahayuga 4,322,000 years
    71 Chat›uryuga Manvantara
    14 Manvantara Creation, Sristi
    Sristi One day of Brahma = 1,000 Chaturyuga
    Pralaya One night of Brahma = 1,000 Chaturyuga
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    There can only be one God for every religion that ever existed, past and present. ( including pagan religions )
    Anybody changing religions does not believe in God, but clearly wants to be a member of some group.

    If there is more than one God , then we need to accept the older religions and discard the modern ones.

    Religion should be a personnel thing and not discussed with anybody, not even within the family.

    question - what happened to all the souls of people who died before the modern religions of christian, islam and judaeism arose?
    có che un pòpoło no 'l defende pi ła só łéngua el xe prónto par èser s'ciavo

    when a people no longer dares to defend its language it is ripe for slavery.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sile View Post
    There can only be one God for every religion that ever existed, past and present. ( including pagan religions )
    Anybody changing religions does not believe in God, but clearly wants to be a member of some group.

    If there is more than one God , then we need to accept the older religions and discard the modern ones.

    Religion should be a personnel thing and not discussed with anybody, not even within the family.

    question - what happened to all the souls of people who died before the modern religions of christian, islam and judaeism arose?
    You described one of logical bases on which my atheism stands. Most religions believe in different god(s), therefore who is right? If there is god and god cared that people believed in him (the only god) he would find the way to inspire people, to show them the way to find him, or would just show up in person and teach everyone the right religion. This silence of god, creates hundreds of religions and sects, causes countless acts of killing in name of "my" god and religious wars in the name of "true" god. This is not a historical anomaly, as these religion based killings continue for few thousand of years of known history. How knows how long before that, with no particular god or religion being dominant for long time period.
    Just this puts a lot of doubt in existence of one god, the true religion, and certainty points to nonexistence of loving-caring god.

    Other proof of nonexistence of god is current state of religious beliefs on Earth. Most peaceful, prosperous are the countries with freedom of religion, tolerance with substantial proportions of nonbelievers. Where poorer, violence ridden, oppressive countries contains very religious communities, often with one dominant religion. If god exists, it would mean that he himself prefers to bless, love, and care for populations who don't particularly prays and believes in him, and punishes and condemns very religious people.
    Of course it doesn't make the slightest sense, therefore either god doesn't give a squat about us, or he doesn't exist.

    All history of religions is not helping to believe either, from tribal spirits, to tribal gods, to main gods or god of states, then to universal god for all people during empires, points to a god or gods evolving together with human civilizational development, and not to a true and unchanging god there should be.
    Be wary of people who tend to glorify the past, underestimate the present, and demonize the future.

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