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Thread: Y-dna markers , how many for a test?

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    Y-dna markers , how many for a test?

    Although I have done my y-dna ( and paid a lot of money) , I have a relative who wants to do a test on the cheap side.
    question is , how many markers should he get results for and should he have the SNP one done?

    He wants a better result than just a J or R or E etc etc

    I am writing this because he wants to find out from other people.

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    Oh wow, I've been asking myself the same question for some while now. Good to see I'm not the only one

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    The lowest price that Family Tree DNA advertises for Y-DNA testing is their 37 marker test for $169 (USD), which may be more than your relative wants to spend. If $169 is OK, then I think that's a fine test, and with Family Tree DNA, you can wait to see the results before you decide SNP testing is necessary (it only tends to be if you're, say, a common R1b haplotype). If he wants cheaper, then Family Tree DNA has "hidden" ways that you can buy a 25-marker test (there's also a 12-marker test but I think that's usually too few markers). What you do is you go to a project on Family Tree DNA's website and on the front project page, scroll down and look for "MALE LINE TESTING." You'll see a 25 marker test there, and sometimes the price of a 37 marker test can be cheaper if you do it this way, too (on the CumberlandGap-YDNA Project, for example, I see 37 markers at $149 and 25 markers at $124).

    You can also try an alternate company. I don't know what's available in your area, but I know that has been cheaper in the past.

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    I think you can get the lowest price also by joying a project in Family Tree DNA!

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