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Thread: Nature vs Nurture - Feral Children

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    Nature vs Nurture - Feral Children

    This is very much related to the other thread on IQ and Genetics.

    There are two famous cases of feral children.

    1. Victor of Aveyron (France)
    wiki link

    2. Genie - (America)
    wiki link
    youtube documentary

    other cases of feral children

    In both cases the people examining the children were unable to identify if the signs of retardation in the children were due to birth abnormalities or whether they developed from their abnormal upbringing. Despite teaching and support language skills remained poor, with the children struggling to develop any at all.

    Some researchers claim that if you do not learn a first language by puberty you will not be able to in later life. What significance does this language deadline have on second languages?

    What impact does early mental development have on our IQ in later life? How important is early mental stimulation and exposure to languages at a young age have on our development?

    It would be interesting to hear people opinions and expereinces on the subject.

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    Nice way of comparison. Thanks man.

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