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It looks Lombard, indeed.

This is the phylogenetic tree created by Maciamo time ago (you can find I-L205.1 two steps below I-L22):

Notice that the time to most recent common ancestor of I-L205.1 men living today is just 1600 years before present, i.e., ~400 AD:
There are British (brought by Anglo-Saxons to UK?) and Norwegian men in YFull, but I assume you would get more info in I1 Project at FTDNA regarding its current distribution. So, it's intuitive to think that this haplogroup arrived "from" North "to" South Italy after 400 AD, which doesn't conflict with the arrival of Lombards in South Italy. On the contrary. So you must be right.

I-L205.1 has only two subclades so far, and I'd guess 23andMe v5 doesn't test them (just checking the Raw Data to be sure).
BigY700 helps on the building of the phylogenetic tree. It could place you in some of the existant I-L205.1 branches, but it would be also possible that you belong to a brand new one (and matches could show up in the future, as more men test, either from Italy itself but also from other parts of Europe, perhaps). Keep in mind that the branching after the arrival of Lombards to Italy must be virtually exclusive to... Italy, naturally. We're talking on a little window of time to find haplogroups below I-L205.1 shared between Italians and Central/Northern Europeans.
Particularly, I'm not sure a very deep test could shed much more light. We already know it was carried by Lombards likely; we know the Lombards arrived in Italy a bit before 600 AD, and the influx of Lombards did not last for long, I'd guess, despite the centuries of dominance.
So, it depends on your goal, imo. I would not test BigY if it's just to confirm that the Y-DNA is Lombard, because it seems virtually confirmed already imo. Now, if you're really curious about possibly belonging to some existant branch, you could either risk single SNP tests of A1465 (firstly) and A10200 - but take in mind that A10200 has 4 equivalents - at YSEQ or, yes, perform a BigY700, if money is not a problem for you. je je Still assuming 23andMe v5 doesn't test any further. If it tested and you're negative for them, we'd know you belong to a new one just below I-L205.1, perhaps shared with other Europeans, but just time would tell.

my paternal line via my gradmother is I1d1-P109