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Thread: New badge and usergroup for DNA Project administrators

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    Lightbulb New badge and usergroup for DNA Project administrators

    I have created special badges for admins of official Y-DNA or mtDNA projects. This includes all the FTDNA projects (both Y-DNA and mtDNA), but feel free to contact me if you are the admin of another site's project.

    The purpose of this is to recognise more easily members who have an official status in the population genetics community (which could increase one's credibility in forum discussions).

    This new usergroup will automatically be a "senior" usergroup, so that new members won't have to wait before posting links. In addition, project admins can close their own threads on the forum, have increased storage space and avoid flood control.

    Here are the badges :

    To prove that you are a rightful project administrator, your email on Eupedia must be the same as the one indicated on the project website (or send me an email using the same email as on the project site).

    Just reply to this thread or send me a PM if you want the badge.
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