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Thread: Tsar Nicholas II Y-DNA with more markers, quite close to my profile

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    Smile Tsar Nicholas II Y-DNA with more markers, quite close to my profile


    I've been interested for quite a while about Y-DNA testing, and that's why I took the opportunity to test myself through the Brabant project (as my most distant Y ancestor lived around 1690 in Walloon Brabant, not far away from Liège province border).
    I have been tested to be R1b1b2a2* with SNP P312, no deeper sub-clade detected (for the moment, let's hope that further testing could bring some more details).
    I also had the secret hope to find some (even far) related people thanks to that project.
    Nothing came about it so I started to enter my data into public Y-DNA databases and what came out of it is quite strange (in my opinion).

    First, no one really close to me, all the closest I could find are all located through Lithuania, Poland, Hungary ... well for most of them in Eastern Europe.

    What I also found (and that's the subject of my message here), is that one of the closest person I could find was actually Tsar Nicholas II, but then only comparing on 15 common markers that have been tested. On these 15 markers, we only have two markers different by only one notch each (385a and 392).

    I know that on so few markers it's not relevant, but I was asking myself if any laboratory or scientific society were planning to test more markers of his Y-DNA?

    Thanks all for your comments, would be very interesting!


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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Just a reminder regarding typical R1b subclade haplotypes. The modal haplotype for most of the subclades downstream of R1b-P312 is the same therefore the gold standard in determining matches remains the SNP test.

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