Hello. My father and I are trying to learn more about our ancestry and genealogy, and have, at last, started to make some discoveries. Via DNA testing we've found that, despite our name being - according to what I've read from several sources on the internet - being of Old English origin, our DNA does not match up with any families sharing our surname in England or Scotland. It does however, match up with several families in Ireland. That, along with the fact that the earliest ancestor we've found was born in Ireland in the early 1700s, seems to suggest an Irish origin. We have found one Gaelic surname that might represent a pre-Anglicization of our current name, but we haven't been able to verify if it is indeed connected to us as of yet.

So right now, we're focused on trying to discover any other evidence that would give us some leads on our original place of origin. At the moment we're leaning towards Ireland for the reasons described above. Here's the issue. I've recently discovered that I'm I2a2b-Isles D1. From what I've read, the vast majority of the Irish are R1b. Now, obviously I understand that I2a2b-Isles is found almost exclusively in the British Isles, Ireland included. Says so right there in the tag. However, I was and am under the impression that it's centered in Great Britain, particularly Scotland. Furthermore, the Gaelic surname that we have reason to believe was our pre-Anglicization surname, is derived from Western Ireland... as I understand it, the region home to the most "originally" Irish, and as such, almost entirely R1b. Not only that, but if I2a2b-Isles is derived from SE European migrants... why would an I2a2b-Isles family have a Gaelic surname? There're just a lot of questions here on our end.

I guess my first question(s) would be, as an I2a2b-Isles D1, does there exist a reasonable basis for my family originating in Ireland? If so, how far back would that history likely go? Is there any way of knowing? Would we be able to accurately call ourselves Gaelic?

Thank you.