In order to achieve relatively accurate autosomal maps, I absolutely need to find data from individuals with ancestry from the following countries:

- Croatia
- Bosnia-Herzegovina
- Serbia
- Montenegro
- Kosovo
- Albania
- Macedonia
- Ukraine

Those in bold are the most important as they represent key populations for the map.

I would also like more data from these countries and regions :

- Switzerland
- Austria
- Czech Republic
- Slovakia
- Latvia
- Estonia
- Brittany, Auvergne, Languedoc and Provence in France
- specific regions of Turkey (all ancestors in the same region)

Anybody who has taken a test with 23andMe or FTDNA's Family Finder is eligible. If you have not sent your data to the Dodecad Project, you can run the admixtures yourself with the Do-It-Yourself Dodecad. I can also run it for you if you wish.