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Thread: Where do police cars chase people for speeding ? (except in the US)

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    Question Where do police cars chase people for speeding ? (except in the US)

    I always see in American movies and TV series that police cars wait along the road for someone to drive over the speed limit, then they go after them and give them the fine on the spot. I have never seen that in Europe (but I have not driven in many countries), where flashes are the most common way to give fines for speeding. Is there any country at all outside the USA where this practice is common, or used at all ? I count on our international community here to share their knowledge of their respective countries.
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    In Australia it very occasionally happens, but there is a fair amount of public contention with the practice. Mainly because it can encourage a speeding motorist to go faster rather than to stop, and it also endangers other motorists and pedestrians.

    Although it must be said that now there are speed cameras along every major road which automatically register anyone over the speed limit. Most don't know they have been fined until a notice comes in the post!

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    Germany relies on speed cameras primarily. Chasing after speed violators is very rare nowadays (but not impossible).

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    I think it's not only about speeding but failing to stop on police commend for any reason. For this you'll be chased wherever you are around the globe.
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    The practise is officially frown upon in Australia due to the likelihood of causing crashes. If one were to rely on the American so-called documentaries about police, it seems that any small offence, such as having a defective tail light, will result in a chase. This is of course madness, but what do you expect from a country which permits it's population to own submachine guns and assault rifles?

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