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Autosomal genetics can not prove migration of tribe and can not confirm or deny historical records. Y haplotype can only do this, for that reason Y haplotype is essential for the history of a nations or tribes etc.

Y haplotype belongs to genetics. If we talk about history and genetics in this forum that's the only proof, at least in migration of peoples or tribes.
That's absolutely incorrect. If X population has a certain autosomal make-up, and then after a change in technology, for example, as in ceramics or metallurgy, one way we can know that a migration of people caused the changes, and not just cultural diffusion, is that the autosomal make up has changed. Even if the y chromosome is damaged, and we can tell nothing from it, it would tell us that.

You are dismissing an entire and extremely important branch of population genetics because you don't want to know what it says about the ancestry of your people.

Anyone who is reading this exchange realizes that 1) you know very little about the history and archaeology of your own area; 2) you know very little about population genetics; 3) you are being dishonest and willfully blind.

Given all that, whom can you hope to convince?

I'm out. This is a waste of everyone's time.