I'm certain this study has been discussed at length:


What has blown me away is the oldest sample:

The oldest neolithic sample KO1 (5650-5780) is a dark haired blue eyed man with I2a and "Armenian" mDNA R3.


"Interestingly, haplogroup I reaches very high frequency in Sardinians (40.7%), specifically the I2a1a sub-haplogroup, which is virtually absent elsewhere. Haplogroup I was probably introduced there [Hungary] during the Neolithic by farmers with a Mesolithic paternal ancestry".

"All of the male neoliths (4) have either Y haplogroup I2a or C6, generally considered to be pre-neolithic."

What is surprising is that one KO1 Neolithic European is with the hunter-gatherers (top of the plot). At some level you would expect to find some hunter-gatherers in the earliest Neolithic communities in Europe as Europe wasn't empty land when the early farmers showed up. And KO1 appears one of those guys, "caught in the act" of first contact between the two groups."