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^^ Ionian Islanders expect for maybe Kephalonia are probably mainland Greek transplants.
The family of the aforementioned Greek sample in Zakynthos is rooted on the island at least since the beginning of the 1500s. I know for example that his earliest traceable ancestor in terms of his settlement of Loucha/Louha is from 1545, let alone on the rest of the island. For example, take note that his surname is very widespread on Zakynthos, where we also find the highest concentration of any other place in Greece, https://i.ibb.co/M8rhP0b/Xenos-surname-distribution.png, so it must have diverged throughout the island well prior of 1500. Surely though at some point his family must have come from the mainland; i assume western/central Peloponnese where we also find the highest frequency (in terms of Greek samples) and variance of I-Y18331, and is located just across of it. You should also take note that his surname in Greek translates as "stranger/non-local", which compliments the aforementioned migration from the mainland.