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So per YFull formula, without interferences, the MRCA should be ~1700-1800 ybp. The only way to increase reliability in this figure is to neutralize the current data skewing effect of I-Y23115, by getting more I-Y18331*, I-A2512* and I-A10959* samples on YFull. This new I-Y18331* sample is a good step towards a more balanced calculation, so the number of mutation it will have will be important.

Of course, a MRCA of 1700-1800 ybp would not change the fact that I-Y18331 is highly diverse in the southern Balkans, and relatively rare among Slavs, so we do not need to immediately equate it with other I-Y3120 lines. But it is difficult to speak of I-Y18331 BCE Balkan migrations with only one single subclade of it (ironically, the one that is not found in the Balkans) showing >1800 ybp estimates.
It seems that you were right Çerç.
With the last update, I-Y3120 TMRCA decreased to 1800 ybp.
It might the result of a change in the computation method since several other subclades seem also concerned.