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Croats from Bosnia have the most I2a I-S17250, then follows Croats from Dalmatia, then Bosniaks, Serbians etc. This is if we follow official scientific papers.

Why Croats of Bosnia have most I2a I-S17250, this is because Croats as Catholics in Turkish time do not mix with Orthodox and Muslims and at that time no one goes to Catholicism but it was opposite so Croats at that time kept Croatian genetics that was there before arrival of the Turks and Vlachs to Bosnia. It's interesting to see 30% I2a in Bosnian Serbs which says that they are much more mixed with Orthodox Vlachs, Albanians, possible Romanians, Bulgarians and Greeks(we'll see in the future).

I won't take any sides because I haven't read about I-S17250 and the link to White Croats.
However if you were to look at the frequencies of Y4460 from below, doesn't it look like a more likely candidate considering its frequency in old White Croat territory (Ukraine -> Moldova -> Romania -> Hungary -> Slovenia)? But then it would seem like Slovenes and all of the previously mentioned people are closer to White Croats than Serbo-Croatians.
So, maybe Y4460 is an indicator for another tribe. As opposed to these 2, the remaining Z17855 looks to me like a pre-Slavic Balkan lineage. Maybe that's the speculated Thracian/Dacian remnant.

Taking the Romanian example, out of a frequency of 28% for I2a-Din (L621),

  • 9-9.5% belongs to S17250
  • 9-9.5% - Y4460
  • 9-9.5% - Z17855

The distribution is very even among the L621 subclades in Romania, which is consistent with it being at the crossroads geographically, but looking at Bosnia the overwhelming majority of the L621 population falls into S17250.