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View Poll Results: How did I2a-Din get to the Balkans?

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Thread: How did I2a-Din get to the Balkans?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparkey View Post

    Point taken about the unreliability of STR dating, though...
    Nordtvedt's estimate does have fairly large error bars, which is why I resist saying things like "I2a-Din's MRCA lived in 300BCE." But suppose we pushed I2a-Din's TMRCA back all the way to its parent clade (I2a1b1). Then it's still less than 6,000 years old... and still has a diversity gradient coming down from the North. So Paleolithic continuity still fails.
    What I like about Nordtvedt is his strict and cautious scientific approach to all this. He operates with SNP's even more than with STR's. He keeps retesting and refining. His latest surmise for TMRCA of I2a-Din is interesting in that the more he tests and refines the "younger" the subclade gets (not by much but some). I have no idea of how Dorianfinder gets his dates and the "I don't care for N's analysis" approach is of course not particularly persuasive. It would help to have something more precise. It's Nordtvedt who discovered the British Disles older brother to Din. As for Verenic's adaptations cf. the thread here, esp. from posts 113 ff.

    Unfortunately we can't get aDNA from the Slavic homeland area because of the cremation ritual. But the possibility of checking exists for some of the Wielbark and Chernyakhiv gravesites, once the Ukrainans get their act together. We could see if there is any I2a1b1 there.
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