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i do not understand your point...

Pekara comes from PIE
it is practically the same word as 'bakery'

south Slavs have 'pekara' other Slavs 'pekarna' and 'piekarna' which are same words...
You talk about PIE but you have no idea about linguistic methodology and apparently do not want to know anything about that.

Exhibit A:

I never said that R-458 was Slavic speaking when it was dominant on Balkan, nor that tribal names that are in my opinion about race name of I2a like: Serbs/Sarbans/Kurds/Scrodisci/Shedrana/Sardinian/Serdi/Serboi/Sart/Serres/Scirians/Serians
were originally Slavic speaking....
Exhibit B:

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Pelasgi(ans) are good guess due to same key word used for tribal name
polje = field => Poljaci
Pelagos = field, flatland, sea (probably loan word from Pelasgian language to Greek) => Pelazgi


those are pretty strong indications that west Slavs origin from ancient Balkan people very likely from Pelasgians.....
Two superficially similar words ~2800 years apart are for "pretty strong indications"?

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I speak of continuity of tribal identities through preservation of genetics and tribal names, as 2 key constituents of identity.
Preservation of tribal identities through genetics? I think that classifies as a form of Lamarckism.

i will add that only extremely biased people with strong anti-slavic agenda can apriori discard all these thoughts above as rubish and threaten with ban to people who dare to think about it...
i thought in 21 century in europe I will not need to fight for freedom to say what i think.....
And of course everybody who disagrees with you is "extremely biased and has a strong anti-slavic agenda".

Let's forget genetics and forget languages for a moment: denying historically documented events (Roman-Marcomannic interaction 1st through 3rd centuries AD) is something else...