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Thread: Dedicated haplogroup pages

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    If Nicolas Cage is E-M34, Francis Ford Coppola would be E-M34 too.

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    Anyone know if Netanyahu is a Levite?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    I have also added many new famous members over the last few weeks, including Nicholas Cage (E-M34), Sting (I1), Elvis Presley (most probably I2c1), King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (R1a-Z280), Benjamin Netanyahu (R1a-Z93), Che Guevara (R1b-L21), Kevin Bacon (R1b), and Robert Downey Jr. (R1b).
    Unfortunatly you produced another new false facts.

    Grimaldi - their hg is not known. Thousands of people
    bear this surname which is actually a simple first name.
    In the project GG people are simply grouped by hg (and
    this is not the only hg) and there is nothing about their
    ancestry. I am affraied that this is another false internet
    fact, which now will live his own life.

    Grimaldis started in XI century, and they bore surname Canelli.
    It is impossible, that thousands of Grimaldis in the Italy (and
    NOT even Grimaldis from the world in that project) are related
    to them. Especially this one clade which you chose from some
    not clear reasons can't be prooved as theirs.... It is the same
    missunderstanding of the subject as in the case of Habsburgs
    or Gagarins, and probably couple of others... Please Maciamo,
    do not make such kind of missinformation... It is enaugh that
    you are bombarding people with fictional millenias.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Angela View Post
    Anyone know if Netanyahu is a Levite?
    I don't remember, but probably it is not known.

    And not netanyahu, but Mileikowski.

    His oldest ancestor is this guy:
    But there is no known to me direct line to him anyway, so it can be a legend,
    maybe even from some pregranny's family, not necessary his, so who knows...
    The oldest known ancestor was Chaim born somewhere in 1830s.

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    I have now updated the history and phylogenetic tree of haplogroup G2a.
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    Thanks for the update. 40% of Hemshin Armenians have G1. I think it is worth to note.

    Haplogroup G1 is found predominantly in Iran, but is also found in the Levant, among Ashkenazi Jews, and in Central Asia (notably in Kazakhstan).

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