I recent red a paper on the possibility of Cantabria, Northern Spain being the birthplace of mtDNA haplogroup V around the LGM. If this is the case it makes sense to say that the paintings of many Cantabria Caves (e.g. Altamira, El Castillo, etc) were the main work of haplogroup V and probably H1 and H3.

This makes sense as my birthplace and maternial leneage are from Tras-os-Montes, a province in NE Portugal that borders the Spanish provinces of Galicia and Leon. It is only a few hours from Cantabria.

This forum will not allow me to post a link but the article’s title is:

Maca-Meyer et al., 2003. Y Chromosome and Mitochondrial DNA Characterization of Pasiegos, a Human Isolate from Cantabria (Spain).

Any ideas or comments?

Thank you.