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Thread: Norman Davies' Europe, anyone's pillow book?

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    Norman Davies' Europe, anyone's pillow book?

    After a few weeks of hesitations, I bought Norman Davies book "Europe: a History"( That was two years ago, and it sits on my shelf looking at me since, but I am still reluctant to start it because of its sheer size (1392 pages). Did anyone read it? Overall critics are good to very good, and Davies has since proved to be a prolific historian, both in quality and quantity.

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    I have read alot of it, but not all of it. and yes it is a good basic overview of European history. I especially like his book called the Isles which gives a more thorough view of the history of the British Isles and one titled The Lost Kingdoms about interesting European kingdoms or civilizations you never hear much detail about.
    overall he is a good author.

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