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Thread: The Arabian Spring makes year-round circuit

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    The Arabian Spring makes year-round circuit

    Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Bahrain, Syria, Yemen, Algeria, Iraq, Jordan, Morocco, Oman, Israeli border areas, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Western Sahara... and here you are Egypt again.
    American Special Service continues committing provocations against Egyptian democratic parties fighting for laical life in conservative Islamite state. Recently they’ve made that scandal with posting a nude self-photograph on the blog of Egyptian liberal and feminist Aliaa Al Mahdi. After that poor girl was harassed and beaten in Tahrir Square.
    And who would win future election after such discrediting of liberals and democracy fighters in Egypt? First Americans returned to power radical Islamists in Libya. Now they are dragging into Egyptian government Sheriah followers. That will be another extremist state right close by Europe. It looks like they are striving to throw an Islam extremist cordon round the Europe. Is United States going to eliminate EU by hands of Islamite zealots? Bloody murder!

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    Arab spring or Islamic spring?

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    What bugs me is that these guys living in Europe tend to vote for islamists. That is an alarm call for those careless enough to wish to grant them the right to vote in Europe.

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