I intend to revive this series of threads about the greatest citizens in a country's history to run in parallel with countries' greatest contributions to the world. I want to make a clear distinction between the two topics. Greatest contributions include almost anything that can be used by people in other countries (inventions, scientific or philosophical ideas, economic or political systems, consumer goods, food, fashion, artistic styles, and so on) except famous people, who are not properly speaking a "contribution" in themselves but contributors.

What's more, a same person can have achieved great things for his/her own country, but little for the rest of the world, which is often the case with monarchs, politicians, military leaders, social reformists or even athletes. Other individuals might have achieved greatness in one field, or even a number of fields (like Leonardo da Vinci), but without creating something really useful internationally in the long term. Such people are better classified under greatest people in the history of a country rather than greatest national contribution to the world.

Here is an alphabetic list of threads already started about the greatest individuals for various countries. It will be updated regularly.