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Thread: DNA testing companies in Europe ?

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    DNA testing companies in Europe ?

    Hi, had any one experienced testing DNA in Europe (any reliable) ? Germany or U.K. ? Shipping to U.S. is quite expensive.

    Any of these ?


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    These companies are all specialised in paternity tests, immigration tests, and other types of legal tests. None of them is usually recommended for haplogroup testing and population genetics because they only offer basic Y-STR tests without the kind of genealogy service provided by FTDNA. Furthermore they are all quite expensive (over $400 !) and most fail to describe what STR markers are tested or whether SNP confirmation is available or not.

    So in my opinion you should avoid them all and go with the much cheaper and much more detailed 23andMe if you just want to know your haplogroup or ancestry painting, or FTDNA if you are looking for a Y-STR test for genealogical purposes.

    By the way, Genetrack is associated with Genebase (a reasonable alternative to FTDNA), but charges more than Genebase.
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    for those it can help I have heard about a medical health center in Spain that does genetic tests called Genomic Genetics International. They seem to be serious, their website is
    I have no idea of their prices though

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