I just read in the New Scientist that a Solar storm engulfs Earth two days ago that reached the Earth yesterday.

A major space radiation storm has engulfed Earth. The sun unleashed a powerful solar flare yesterday, sending out a cloud of electrically charged particles, or plasma, that reached Earth today. But don't fear: the Earth's electrical systems will probably emerge unscathed.

Because of the storm, space radiation in Earth's vicinity is now at its highest level since October 2003, according to the Space Weather Prediction Center in Boulder, Colorado. The level of radiation has reached 3 on a scale where 5 is the highest. This much radiation occurs about 10 times in every 11-year solar cycle and could cause some satellites to malfunction.
This may explain why my (remote) car key didn't want to work yesterday, and why my printer didn't want to turn off after pressing ten times the power button (I had to unplug it) - problems that I never had before and that have returned to normal today. I told my wife half-jokingly that it was because of cosmic rays that were interfering with electronic devices. It turns out that I was pretty much right.

Did you notice any similar electronic problems ?