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Thread: Pick your president...

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    Pick your president...

    Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you two candidates who love their work as presidents, but are very different in qualities and nature. Read, listen to interviews and make your pick.

    First one is very kind, loving, educated but above all comes with extremely affordable price tag of 130 thousand euro a year. He is a skillful politician, with ability of saying a lot, but not telling much, and he won't change anything unless he is forced to.
    George Papandreou - 130,000 Euro a year.

    Second one is Lee Hsien Loong, honest, educated, with tones of common sense, doesn't even speak like politician. He's is 8 years in office with stunning record. During these years Singapore GDP per capita rose from 30K dollars to 70K in 2011.
    But hold your horses yet, leadership like this is very pricey. Lee Hsien comes with astronomical price tag of, hold to your chair, 2 million euros!

    PS. How much would you pay your president for great leadership, therefore prosperity of your country?

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    I choose Papandreou. Asians are overrated.

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