i was very fascinated from numerals from around the world. In particular the word for number 2 in some language: let's compare just for fun:

Basque "bi" - Latin "bis" (derives from shift du -> b)- Nimbia (Nigeria) "bi" - Ganda "bbiri" - Swahili "mbili" - Sukuma (Tanzania) "ibili" - Turkic "bir" (number one) - Aymara (Perù) "paya" (also "suxta" 6 "phinca" 5 and "tunka" 10)

cool similarities uh ?

by the way, i have always wondered what is the meaning of the numerals, what is the origin of the names? I can think about numeral 1 in IE language being related to "man" or "self" but what about the others?