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Thread: Eurostat on Tourism in Europe (2009)

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    Eurostat on Tourism in Europe (2009)

    Top 20 tourist regions in the EU-27 (2009)

    Out of the 20 top tourist regions in the EU-27 in 2009 (in
    terms of nights spent at hotels and campsites), 17 regions
    were from Spain, Italy and France.

    With 63.6 million overnight stays, the Île-de-France region,
    which includes the French capital Paris, was well in the lead,
    followed by three Spanish regions: Cataluña (54.1 million),
    Illes Balears (45.9 million) and Canarias (45.3 million).
    The region of Veneto in Italy took fifth place (44.8 million).
    Almost one in seven tourism nights spent in hotels or
    campsites across the EU was spent in one of these top five
    Inner London (seventh place), Tirol in Austria (11th place)
    and Oberbayern in Germany (18th place), which includes
    the Bavarian metropolitan area of München, were the only
    regions in the top 20 that were not in one of the three leading
    tourism countries.
    In 18 of the 20 regions, more nights were spent in hotels and
    similar establishments than on campsites. In two French
    regions, Languedoc-Roussillon and Aquitaine, however,
    the opposite was true, as they attracted more tourists to
    campsites than to other types of accommodation.

    Tourism in Europe is concentrated in the coastal regions.
    The Alpine regions also saw strong demand.

    In the regions of western Europe (mainly coastal regions)
    and Scandinavian countries, campsites are more frequently
    used as accommodation than in central and eastern Europe.

    Overnight stays in campsites

    The regions with campsites accounting for more than 40%
    were concentrated in nine countries: the United Kingdom,
    Netherlands, France, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Belgium,
    Portugal and Croatia. No regions in Bulgaria, Estonia,
    Lithuania, Latvia or Romania had over 5 % share of nights
    spent on campsites. A large majority of regions in Poland
    and Austria had a less than 5 % share of overnight stays
    spent in campsites.

    Share of inbound tourism

    The share of inbound tourism, i.e. visits from abroad,
    differed very widely from region to region from around
    2 % to over 97 %. Foreign overnight visitors accounted for
    more than 90 % of overnight stays in five EU regions in
    2009: Malta, Luxembourg, the Czech region of Praha, the
    Greek region of Kriti and the Austrian region of Tirol. This
    was also true in Liechtenstein and the Croatian region of
    Jadranska Hrvatska

    Southern Europe’s
    island regions recorded particularly high figures of foreign
    visitors as a percentage of total overnight stays, especially
    Malta, Cyprus, the Greek island regions, the Spanish Illes
    Balears and Canarias and the Portuguese Região Autónoma
    da Madeira. All of these regions recorded a share of nonresident nights above 80%.

    Inbound tourism also occupied a key position in the capital
    regions of some countries. This was true in Luxembourg,
    the Czech region of Praha, Bruxelles-Capitale/Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest in Belgium, Inner London in United
    Kingdom, the region of Közép-Magyarország in Hungary
    and Wien in Austria. All of these regions recorded a share of
    non-resident nights above 80%.

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    In terms of international tourists Paris' number falls to 15.2 million (I guess the French must love visiting their own capital city, figures) with London only 500,000 behind with 14.7 million. Still Paris and London have for a long time and probably will dominate the city tourist industry.
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