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Thread: Demology, population science ? What shall we call it ?

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    Question Demology, population science ? What shall we call it ?

    I am trying to find a term for a field of science that studies all aspects of human populations, with an emphasis on the differences between ethnicities and cultures. My field of interests include population genetics, linguistics, cross-cultural psychology, ethnology, ethnography, anthropology and history. The aim of the field would be to understand how humans evolve into genetically, culturally and linguistically distinct groups over time, how genes and the environment influence language and culture, how languages and cultures influence each others, and how migrations and conquests create new ethnic groups from the merger of two or several root populations. That is basically what many of us are doing on Eupedia.

    I thought of the term demology, based on the Greek for "population study/science". An online dictionary already has a definition for it, but it is not the same thing: "the study of human activities and social conditions". However, demology is not listed in Wikipedia, so it doesn't seem to be a "real", recognised field yet. The problem is that I don't really like the sound of it. It sounds too much like demonology, and I certainly wouldn't want to be taken for a demonologist !

    Population science sounds better, but it is already taken. One defintion is the "study of the science of demography and health implications of major population issues, including population size, composition, distribution, and change.". Another one is the "study of the growth and density of populations and their vital statistics". Neither have anything to do with what I want to define.

    Any other suggestion ? How about historical population science ? Or evolutionary ethnology ?
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    I like Evolutionary Ethnology, though just Ethnology is very close already, maybe the definition has to be expended to accommodate genetics and linguistics, and it's done.
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