Haplogroup A is no longer at the base of the human Y-DNA tree. Make way for Haplogroup Y0:

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Haplogroup Y0 is the new root of the Y DNA tree.


The STR haplotypes - so far (I have ordered and paid myself for all the remaining 68-111 and the palindromic STRs):

The SNP Results:


➔ROOT (in 407553 bp):

▶ ❶ Y0: 55 SNPs

▶ ❷A0: 43 SNPs Nso' royal lineage (Visale), and scattered instances in W. Africa

▶ ➌A1-T: 42 SNPs Everyone else on earth, including Bushmen in A2-A3 etc.

Proportionally, Y0 is 1.294 times as old as either A0 or A1-T.

If we take the estimate of Cruciani et al. (2011) that A0 is 141,500 years old, then the age of Y0 would be 181,000 years old.

This is quite close to the estimate of the initial split of the mitochondrial DNA between L0 and L1'2'3'4'5'6 at 177,000 years:

This is also quite close to the first appearance of Anatomically Modern Humans in Africa:

Since this represents a split between Paleo-Africans in A2-L419* (old A2-A3) and everyone else, and is equivalent to the L0d / L0k Paleo-African mitochondria and the mitochondrial haplogroups found in everyone else - and *both* groups are Anatomically Modern Humans - then we must conclude that Y0 represents the first separate Y clade found among Anatomically Modern Humans.

The geographic distribution of Y0 may be evidence for the origin of Anatomically Modern Humans in Cameroon, West Africa and not in Eastern or Southern Africa as was previously thought.

This may be the biggest Y DNA discovery ever made.