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Thread: Revolution.

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    When french & russian revolution is started. Please also tell me why these revolution is start who is the behind them.

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    Welcome or namaste smittal700,

    You ask a lot of questions. Anyway, the French Revolution (1789-1799) was started because there was extreme poverty in France as King Louis XVI approved the financing of the American Revolution. Britain and France were super power rivals in that period. France had huge overseas territories in India and North America (nearly the whole of Canada and present day USA west of the Mississippi). Also, the Austrian teenage princess Marie Antoinette married the equally young Louis XVI. To while her time as Louis went hunting and practically ignored her, Marie went on a spending spree. Versailles is a huge palace and she was insulated from the country and not realizing the terrible conditions of the ordinary citizens. The poor stormed the Bastille and the revolution was born headed by one Maximilien Robespierre, a lawyer. He was a control freak and despite his liberal views he turned into a tyrant and was paranoid. The continental royals were certainly concerned and wanted the revolution quashed. So Robespierre saw every rival or dissenter as a conspirator of the royals and had them guillotined. The rebels exaggerated Marie Antoinette's spending and maybe made up her quote "If they don't have bread give them cake". Louis and Marie were beheaded and this created a huge problem with France and Austria. Robespierre was himself beheaded as everybody was afraid of him. The Revolution ended with Napolean leading his troops to fire his cannons over the rebel crowd.

    The Russian Revolution 1917 was very similar. Peter the Great built a huge palace in St. Petersburg rivalling Versailles. The Romanovs were in control and were related to the British crown through Queen Victoria. King George V and Tsar Nicholas II were cousins. There was poverty in Russia as well and the Russian Parliament wanted reform but Nicholas didn't.
    The First world war had started in 1914 and the Germans wanting to have Russians out of the war released Vladimir Lenin from a Swiss jail. When Lenin came to Russia he started agitating. He made no progress. However, the military was doing badly in the war and Nicholas decided to lead the military. His leadership was a disaster and the troops lost faith in him. The war had sapped the economy of Russia as young men were recruited and all the bread were used to feed the army. So workers went on strike in St. Petersburg. The Bolsheviks managed to get the military behind them. The Bolsheviks stormed the palace. It was not a violent affair. They fired a few cannon shots that missed the target. There were no palace guards so the rebels went in and took over. They arrested the Romanovs and took them away to Siberia. The Western nations tried to help the Royalists with the "White" Army. The Communists were the "Red" Army. The Red Army won and the Romanovs were executed to remove any rallying point for Royalists.

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