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Thread: Solutrean hypothesis: Native American Clovis Culture & NW Europe: (ydna Q, mtdna X2)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alulkoy View Post
    True, just wishful thinking on the proponents part.
    Pretty much. There was no chance for this to be true. Razib Khan made the point that the reservoir population of Eastern Eurasian was larger than that of West Eurasian in Siberia even if the Westies might have got there first. That prevented West Eurasians from beating East Eurasians and mixed individuals to getting to the Americas first.

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    Could someone please provide the similarities including the Chaine operatoire between the so called Solutrean and Clovis assemblages because it seems to me that Academia invented this Solutrean rabbit hole to distract us from all the real evidence proving that aboriginal people travel in all kinds of ways much more sophisticated than just hungry men following hungry animals.

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