After horses, I would like to bring up another peculiar topic. Wheels. I mean, it's compelling to argue that PIE had a word for 'wheel', but which one?

*kwel- or *kwekwelos:
- English "wheel"
- Greek "kyklos"
- Polish "koło", Russian "koleso"
- Persian "tʃarx"
- Sanskrit "cakra"
- (probably) Old Irish "cul" ("wagon")
- Tocharian A "kukäl", Tocharian B "kokale" ("wagon", "cart").

- Irish "roth", Welsh "rhod"
- German "Rad"
- Latvian "rats", Lithuanian "ratas"
- Latin "rota"
- Hindi "rathavana" (charioteer)

So, the question would be: were there possibly two words for wheel, or something else?