I came to the conclusion that our projection ability of self onto environment has much to do with our spirituality, or at least a part of larger phenomena. Here is what I mean:

We control our close space and most things from surroundings. We can make fire, control tools, chop trees, kill animals, etc. Tools are controlled and actions done on purpose with purpose. But there are also some things we can’t control, like sickness, accidents, thunders, rain, sun rising and setting, etc. These days we know how most things work, but our ancestors not having our knowledge explained them in only for them known terms. They extrapolated their abilities of controlling things on small scale, onto someone (powerful conscious being) who controls the rest of known world and do all for a purpose.

I’m not sure why they needed to explain everything they didn't know, and just let it be (unknown)? Maybe someone asked a question: Why my wife died? Why thunder hit my house? Why bad things happen always to me? Why do I suffer all the time?...and someone felt like explaining.

Maybe the world became less scared and strange place to them when someone came up with answers, that things happen for a reason, done by gods or spirits, to lead us through life. Suddenly all world is not a wild place but controlled for a reason. Someone make the sun and moon rise, controls thunders to punish bad people, takes wife away to a better place in heaven, and our suffering is noted and rewarded in afterlife.
The way we control our environment, some conscious beings control the rest that we don’t. No wonder that with this way of thinking the first pantheons of gods were human like and behaved like humans, in good and bad ways. Even though current religions evolved to no-body omnipotent god, he still has human character and feelings.

The bottom line is that everything, and I mean everything, is controlled. Obviously it gives most of us a cozy nice feeling knowing that. It works, like a positive loop effect amplifying our spirituality. The more control and orderly our environment is, the more pleasant it feels. The more pleasant it feels, the easier it is to believe in supernatural. Maybe we just really like to know everything?

What makes it more interesting is that, our self-extrapolation of control is not really limited to realm of religion. We find it in our everyday lives. We explain coincidences as fate and life as destiny, we have superstitions on every occasion, we use conspiracy theories in politics and economy, etc. Why? Because, otherwise it all doesn't make sense and if it doesn't make sense we feel terrible. Someone simply has to be in control of everything, period.

So folks, who controls the world? ;)