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Thread: Map of J2b and it's two major clades

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    Quote Originally Posted by adamo View Post
    But what about J1, J2' G.... Typical middle eastern genetic markers. Turks cluster genetically with many/most other middle eastern ethnic groups. Turks with haplogroup N like the Finns you suggest..... That seems invalid too me and I doubt the "original" Turks had significantly high levels of haplogroup L although I know haplogroups R1b and r1a can be found in certain middle eastern populations...
    He says the the original Turkish, the Turkic ethnic group came from the Central Asian steppes. They conquered the population of Anatolia, and nowaday there is the country of Turkey, but most of its population is not Turkic, but Anatolian, Middle Eastern or from the Balkan. There is a low percentage of Central Asian genetic markers among modern Turkish individuals comparing to Middle Eastern ones.
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