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Woops, it wasn't in the cave of Makhpela (silly me) but in the tomb of the shroud in Akeldama (Jerusalem).
Most samples belonged to MtDNA haplogroups W (5 samples) and H (around four samples). Some of the (presumably) H samples might've been V or J1 instead.
This is all to be found in Matheson et al. 2009.
Oh I see, it's alright, people make mistakes. But wouldn't we expect also to find subclades of K? I reckon K1a9 for example arose in the near east before coming to Europe, otherwise it wouldn't be near eastern.

P.S What would haplogroup W stand for today?

Edit: Nevermind, silly me, just Googled W:

Possible time of origin 23,900 ybp[1]
Possible place of origin Western Asia
Ancestor N2
Descendants W1, 194
Defining mutations 195 204 207 1243 3505 5460 8251 8994 11947 15884C 16292[2]

So we're looking at another west Asian haplogroup which shouldn't be surprising to see pre exile Jews carrying?