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Thread: New company tests full Y-chromosome (SNP's + STR's) for $1299

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    Arrow New company tests full Y-chromosome (SNP's + STR's) for $1299

    Full Genomes Corp is now offering what I believe is the world's first commercial full genomic sequence of the Y-chromosome. The test is destined at the genetic genealogy community and will report the person's haplogroup, and analysis of both SNP's and STR's, including private SNP's. This should be the ultimate test to completely map the Y-DNA phylogeny with an accuracy up to the last generation.

    The test is announced at the price of $1,499, but is immediately discounted to $1,299. It is pricey, but hopefully the price will go down quickly as competition catches up.
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    FTDNA has their new test ready. It tests for either 1,200 SNPs or 12,000 SNPs (I forgot which) and it costs $199.00 in the U.S. Also included are autosomal results apparently. Talked to a FTDNA rep about it last week.

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    The FG test unfortunately does not sequence the entire Y chromosome, I wish it could but science has not reached the level whereby we can read and understand the entire Y chromosome yet. The name 'Full Genomes' is a marketing ploy, please be cautious about over-zealous marketing.

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