Groups throughout history have left "statements in stone"... informing us that they had the means to transport giant loads (without the benefit of modern forklifts or bulldozers).

Some of the most impressive examples are the pyramids of Egypt, the ancient Incan ruins, Stonehenge, and the statues of Easter Island.

There are also examples of "one man operations" that have moved great pieces of rock. I've been reading about a man in South Florida (Edward Leedskalnin a transplant from Latvia) who had manipulated some huge chunks of coral and apparently there is a man in France who has also made a name for himself in this same field.

How do these people do it? I'm assuming that there may be different methods used by the larger groups acting as a cooperative unit, but for individuals to successfully tackle this problem is really fascinating.

P.S. I know about the see-saw method using buckets of sand and sturdy pegs to slowly crank the stone upward, but frankly I don't think this system would allow for such precise construction especially if only one person was doing all of the work.