Native Americans are in the Mongoloid sub group of the Oceania Mongoloid race read this link it explains all Human races

but 1-5% of NAtive Americans in north east north America have a Caucasin mtDNA haplogrop X this haplogroup is only 30,000 years old the Caucasian and Mongoloids are very unrelated in DNA Mongoloids are just about as related to sub sahren Africans as they are to Caucasians so there is no way native Americans got this from Mongoloids some how they got it from Caucasians these Native Americans have subclade X2a and X2g the only no non native Americans have X2q but some Galilean Druze in Isreal have X2a

here is a map of mtDNA X

mtDNA X2 is associated with last ice age expansions 20,000-22,000ybp
i could not find a age for mtDNA X2a and X2g but many articles calimed that it would have migrated to north America from the mid east about 20,000-22,000ybp the are defintley over 10,000-15,000 years old mtDNA X2 has been found in many Neolithic European remains

it does not matter how u but it some how mtDNA X2 was brought to North America probably around 15,000-20,000ybp it was defintley over 10,000ybp Caucasians from Europe or the mid east migrated to North America this completely shocks me i real really think there need to be more studies on this of when this group of Caucasians came to North America and where they came from because it defiantly happened

there has been a theory that Solutrean culture in southern France migrated to north America between 20,000-15,000ybp i always rejected this because they held this theory just because of a few spear heads that are 20,000 years old in north america and they say those spear heads are made from materiel that came from France and it looked like the spear heads solutrians made i rejected this theory because i did not think that was good enough evidence but now this X2 which almost defintley came to north America from Caucasins 15,00-20,000ybp i am almost convinced that they are correct it probably was not solutreans but it was some group of Caucasians from either Europe or the Mid east 15,000-20,000ybp maybe it was the solutreans this is beyond shocking news this means there may have been Europeans in North America 15,000-20,000 years ago but this does not maket Europeans the first Americans native Americans arrived 20,000-25,000 years ago

this is extremely shocking to me and the DNA proves Caucasians came to North America between 15,000-20,000ybp and they had to travel through Europe which probably means they where probably European

here is a drama documentary about solutrians migrating to North America 17,000ybp which would have been around the time Caucasian mtDNA X2 came to North America

i just want to say this to make it completely clear i am not putting down native Americans i am not trying to claim Europeans where the first Americans i am just going by this DNA which shows there had to be Caucasian inter marriage in north America probably 15,000-20,000ybp after native Americans already settled it and if Europeans where the first Americans or the first people in New England that still does not justify when Europeans took native American land

In my own opinon I dont think Caucasians came to North America 15,000-20,000ybp and they definitely did not come from Europe because mtDNA X2 originated in the middle east it was not in Europe till about 10,000ybp i think the most reasonable explanation for X2a and X2g in native Americans is they inter married with mid eastern people while their ancestors where still in Asia then they migrated to North America with some X2a and X2g because X2 was only in the mid east over 10,000ybp an dthere is no way mid eastern people traveled to north america but they could have inter married with native Americans ancestors in asia all we can say for sure is some how Caucasian mtDNA X2 arrived in north America 15,000-20,000ybp that does not mean it was full blooded Caucasians who brought it

here are some 15,000 year old human cave carvings from LA mArche cave in western France if the Soulutreans really did migrate to North America this is what they would have looked like

and here is a 26,000- 28,000 year old carving of a Human face from mammoth ivory in Romania