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Thread: Swiss newspaper accuses French people of being lazy, arrogant and always complaining

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aberdeen View Post
    Now that I think of it, most of the bad experiences my friends and I have had were in Paris. People in other parts of France were more polite, although not always friendly. But I think you're right - English is not as well received in France as some other languages are. And Parisian French seem to react even worse to Canadian French accents than to English, which wasn't the case in other parts of France.
    this is strange !
    I think that it is your feeling and not that of all the German; but what you wait; that people who do not know you embrace you? you thought be waited impatiently?
    If you want so, you will have to take the hotel luxury hotel and it will be in all countries and even your there so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aberdeen View Post
    No, Angela, no need to be defensive because the remark wasn't directed at you. I think someone needs a hug. LOL.
    My feathers were definitely just happened to be in my sights...sorry.

    I could have used a hug, but a visit to the gym, followed by the purchase of a new pair of shoes, has put everything to rights!

    Non si fa il proprio dovere perchè qualcuno ci dica grazie, lo si fa per principio, per se stessi, per la propria dignità. Oriana Fallaci

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