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Thread: New phylogenetic tree of R1b-U106 (S21)

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    Arrow New phylogenetic tree of R1b-U106 (S21)

    The R1b-U106 family tree is growing in complexity. The newest lineages at the bottom-right of the tree (under Z7 and Z319) have a TMRCA of barely 1500 years, which means that they roughly date from the time of the Anglo-Saxon migrations or possibly later. Obviously the most developed branches of the tree are mostly Anglo-Saxon since genetic genealogy is far more popular in English-speaking countries than elsewhere and many of the most active researchers are of British descent.

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    Jesus, that's a lot of SNP levels. At what point does R1b1b2b1b1b1b2b1b3b1b2b1b3b1b3b1b become, say, haplogroup "U"? ISOGG might start considering giving some use to the letters U-Z (in Y-DNA).

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