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Thread: 10,300ybp Y DNA!! and other DNA from America proves they are Native Amer's ancestors

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    10,300ybp Y DNA!! and other DNA from America proves they are Native Amer's ancestors

    Two 14,300ybp mtDNa samples Oregan: one A2 and one B2

    One 10,300ybp Y DNA and mtDNA sample from Your kness cave on Prince Wales island in southeast Alaska: mtDNA D4h3a7, Y DNA Q1a3a1a

    11,000-9,000ybp one out of six had D4h3a7 could not find any info on the other five.

    One 9,260-9,140ybp mtDNA sample in western Nevada: C

    One 8,000ybp mtDNA sample from Colorado: B

    one 5,000ybp mtDNa sample Prince Ruburt northern British Colombia: A2ag

    One 4,975ybp mtDNa sample from Big Bears lake, British Colombia: A

    Two 4,950ybp mtDNA samples from China Lake, British Colombia: At least in Macro mtDNA family M which incudes mamy Mongliod mtDNA haplogroups.

    Known as Ancient 938 it did not say how old all i know is that is is from around British Colombia and southeast Alaska: mtDNA A2

    One 2,500ybp mtDNA sample from Dolga Island in Princt Ruburt in northern British Colombia: A2ag

    I dont know if this one add's other mtDNA. It says from 31 samples in Paisley Caves, Oregon 68% had A and 32% had B.

    The 14,300 year old mtDNA sample from Oregan showed a haplogroup which is very popular in Native Americans B2 and A2. B2 and A2 are unque to Native AMericans so this is prove that these are ancestors of modern Native Americans. The 10,300 year old mtDNA D4h3a7 and Y DNA Q1a3a1a from Prince Wales island in southeast Alaska. Both of those are only found in Native Americans. D4h3a according to the study that has tested modern Native Americans said acroos the Americas it is only about 1.5%. It is a pretty deep subclade but two out of sevan samples British Colombia from 11,000-9,000ybp had it. That is to small a amount to say it was anymore popular back then.

    The 10,300ybp Y DNA Q1a3a1a M3 is in my opinon the most important of them all. It is the oldest and only pre Neolithic Y DNA sample we have in the world. Q1a2a1a M3 is a specifically Native American Y DNA haplogroup it takes up almost 100% of their Y DNA. That is something unque about Native Americans they all come from one family that migrated there from Siberia 20,000-25,000ybp and almost all trace their direct male line to one father who probably lived in far eastern Siberia or Alaska 20,000-35,000ybp. Q1a2a1a M3 has also been found in Siberia possibly because that is were it originated or because of back migrations while Native Americans ancestors were first making it to Alaska. What i think the 14,300ybp and 10,300ybp DNA show's is that Native Americans ancestors were the first settlers of the America's. Also that they have been in America for a very long time longer than Clovis culture.

    Map of Y DNA Q. It is almost 100% of Native American Y DNA it is also dominate in Eskimoe Inuit people i dont know the name tht repsents all of them. They technicalley are also native Americans but come from a diff family than the dark reddish skinned ones their ancestors migrated there from siberia about 6,000-10,000ybp. They are also very related geneticalley to Native Americans. Y DNA Q is also dominte in central Siberians besides that it is very rare.

    The rest of the mtDNA samples also had typical haplogroups found in Native Americans today. mtDNA studies of Native Americans. Have shown all Native Americans trace their direct maternal line to haplogroups which are unque to them A2, B2, C1, D1, X2a and X2g( with minor groups C4c, D2, D3, and D4h3). So These very ancient mtDNa and Y DNA samples show a obvious continusy with modern Native Americans.

    It seems like the Human family everyone in the world today decends from. Started some were in sub shara Africa 200,000-300,000ybp. Then there were either two migration out of Africa by Caucasians ancestors and Oceania Mongliod which includes native Americans. But they probably migrated together as one family well over 100,000ybp. As humans formed into diff family groups as they migrated they stayed pretty unmixed. Till they grew and spread and met up withe each other then they mixed also when farming and new etchnology spread. But since Native Americans had two of their own continents and were pretty mcuh oslated from non NAtive American people they are one of the last almost completely unmixed people in the world.

    Figuring out the genetic history of mid easterns is extremely hard because most are a mix of so many different Caucasian family groups. but with Native Americans it is extremely easy. Those mtDNa haplogroups which all native Americans fall under are predicted to be about 18,000-22,000 years old and probably orignated in North America because they are not found in asia except for X2a.

    mtDNA X is a Caucasin haplogroup that probably orignated in the mid east 30,000 or so years ago and probably spread acroos Europe and north Africa either after the last Galcial Maximum starting 19,000ybp or in the Neolithic age starting 10,000ybp. Native American X2a is also found in Druze in isreal no where else. There is also a specfic Native American X2 subclade called X2g. X2 is predictd to have arrived in North America around 15,000 years ago. So about 5,000 years after Native Mericans ancestors had arrived.

    There is some X2 in Siberia were native Americans originated but they have unrelated subclades that came from more recent inter marriage with mid easterns. So there is not any DNA evidence Siberia is the source. The only possible way's i can think of it got there is from the mid east to siberia to north america but possibly the X2 that travled through Siberia went extinct. Or it could have went from the mid east to Europe to North America which could explain why it almost only exists in northeast North America at their northern border to Europe. So i guess that makes norther east North American native Americans not 100% pure they have at lieast like 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% Caucasian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire Haired View Post
    they have at least like 0.000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% Caucasian.

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