While browsing through my 23andme distant DNA relatives (as well as DNA relatives of friends who have taken the test) I have noticed that Haplogroup G2a5 is very common among Cypriots. Actually around 15% of 35 Cypriot individuals were G2a5. I found this extremely interesting as from what I have read this is a very rare subclade of G2a. The only information I could find online is that this subclade is characterized by mutation L293+ and that it had been found in very low frequencies in the Iberian peninsula and among a few Italians. I am specifically interested about the origin of this subclade in Cyprus, as it appears to be the major G2a haplogroup here. One possibility could be the very early farmers that arrived in Cyprus from the Levant/Anatolia 10,000 years ago introduced this subclade in the Cypriot population, or alternatively a more recent origin from the Mamluks (Adyghe origin people with very high frequencies of G2a) who have invaded Cyprus repeatedly during the 15th century AD. I find the latter somewhat unlikely however, as from what I know, G2a5 is not present among the Adygei people or other people with such ancestry.