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Thread: New map of Gedrosian autosomal admixtures in Europe and the Middle East

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    Quote Originally Posted by MOESAN View Post
    I made a first bet concerning 'gedrosia' and a first wave of Y-R1b's taking a North way to go to Europe (non -IE) -
    a bet = a wish!
    I would make a second bet (before put my third one and my "joker") -
    spite it is not the very same (Y-R1b lost or never had strength in today Pakistan and surroundings), the gedrosian %s map in Europe is not too far from a Y-R1b map - and not too far also from the Bell Beaker world as a whole - I was thinking too in the 'long barrows' people I see as the founders of megalithical colonisation: but the inland presence in W-Europe confuses me a little bit - that said, a first maritime colonisation could have been followed by an inland one (the S-France megaliths are posterior to the N-W Atlantic shores ones... all the way whatever the origin and the route, the less presence of 'gedrosia's in E-Europe could be the result of erasing by Near-Easterners or-Anatolia people ('caucasians') + other steppic tribes more Y-R1a...('NE-european') -
    in few words: very boring fleeing history!!!
    You let me intriged Moesan....

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    So is this the source of the CHG in Yamnaya? Why is this component preserved in North Western Europe much better than West Asian? That's what I don't understand with this pre-proto-IE of the Caucasus or Anatolia or in between hypothesis - why so little West Asian? Isn't CHG based on West Asian (or vice versa)?

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    I am far below my regional average apparently.

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    I think it has something to do with paleolithic migration, and the fact the UK is an island.

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