Hallo everybody, i'm quite new in this branch and now I am pretty confused by my results. I ave ordered mtDna only at HVR1 and HVR2 levels at FTDNA, and their prediction was T2 With 0 matches, I have C16294T and other strange mutations. However, they couldn't trace my ancestry and reported me as "100% European". It was disappointing to get so little information for Money I paid. That's why, I downloaded my results in FASTA-format and Mitotool and ran it there. Thanks to Mitotool, which was a free demo-Version, I have all my coding regions now, and it predicted my gaplogroup as H2a2a! First I didn't believe but I ran my uploaded my New data to a another database of Ftdna, and it was predicted the same there! I have 10-15 matches and everybody are from Ireland, England, Sweden and the US. It is reasonable because I have mutations required for H2a2a but I still have the required mutation for T, can somebody explain me how it is possible!? Does somebody have more detailed information about H2a2a, the origin of a person with CRS and statistics? And why is this rare sequence used as standard?