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Thread: Ancient Hungarian DNA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fire Haired View Post
    It seems u are using that as ur argument. I am saying that map is unrelible when they dont show percenatges it doesnt show how it is distributed. There is no doubt R1a1a1 M417 has a Ukriane origin with Bug Denister culture and very early Indo Europeans possible proto Indo Europeans.
    The majority of males from USA carry R1b Y-DNA. Does it tell us something about origin of R1b haplo? Surely not. The main haplo among American Indians is Q1a. Does it tell us something about origin of Q1a haplo? Surely not. ~ 65% of Finnish men have N1c haplo while the share of this haplo among Polish men makes ~ 5%. Does it mean that Polish guys with N1c have come from Finland. Surely not. The share of R1b among Irish males makes ~90% while the share of this haplo among Jews makes ~10%. Does it mean that Jews carrying r1b haplo have Irish ancestry? Surely not. Why do we know it? Coz we know their clades. Clades tell the story of migration and origin while percentages tell the story of success or failure of some clades in certain geographic location.

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
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    Quote Originally Posted by GloomyGonzales View Post
    You say pretty much stupid things percentages have nothing to do with origin and migration route of certain haplos.
    Here I thought your posts were of topic convoluted drivel, you have proved me wrong with your clear "coz we know their clades" intellect. You set the standard high in your knowledge of migration routes and haplos. Typical, R1a spam/agenda.

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