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Thread: New distribution map of Y-DNA haplogroup E-V13

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    Y-DNA haplogroup
    E-V13 (Z16242)

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    That is one cool map! Im a lurker of this forum for a long time

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maciamo View Post
    After E-M81, here is the map of the E-V13 subclade. The distribution of the two haplogroups don't match at all, except in Iberia. E-V13 is clearly linked to the Thessalian Neolithic and its offshoots, such as the Linear Pottery (LBK) culture. It was also part of the Cardium Pottery Culture, as attested by the 7000-year-old E-V13 sample from Catalonia, which belonged to that culture.

    Click to enlarge

    E-V13 also seems to have spread the Neolithic to the Caucasus, Mesopotamia and Iran, but could have bypassed Syria, where it isn't found, except in Assyria and Kurdistan.

    The Kurds have the highest percentage of E-V13 in the Middle East. They also have have high percentages of I2a1b and R1a, which makes me think that they could be descended from the Thracians or a relative tribe from the region of Romania or Bulgaria. Or at least it would mean that a Thracian-related tribe settled in what is now Kurdistan, probably long before the actual Kurds arrived.
    What about the Macedon invasion of Persia, whose part were even the Thracians , Illyrians and Hellenes

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